About the Digital Logistics Manager
DLM: A Unified Application Platform

Our experience of developing solutions for a wide variety of organisations has led us to understand that very different clients often have very similar core requirements for their business systems.


For this reason, we have developed our Digital Logistics Manager (DLM) application platform. Accessed via a software as a service arrangement, the DLM application platform offers our clients a range of benefits.


Digital Logistics Manager combines the advantages of pre-built applications: shared development costs; ongoing enhancement; widespread user testing and feedback with the flexibility of bespoke development: close focus on your requirements.


eleventeenth brings the skills and experience that we gained while developing Internet and Intranet developments for some of the world's largest corporations within the reach of a range of small and SME organisations. The result is a solution that better helps you to manage your business online and offline. 

The Core Components of the DLM

Intelligent Cataloging

Organise, centralise, secure your product information and related digital assets. Where's that bar code? Where's that latest pack shot? Stop it! It's silly.

Ethical Marketing

Encourage your site visitors to register, or import your own third party or bought in lists. Email regular, well designed, HTML email newsletters. Where the recipient wants to unsubscribe, let them do it immediately.

Smart Distribution

Validate, moderate and assign internal users and external users to user groups. Give them permission to download your digital assets and information and track who got what and when.


Configurable Business Logic

Changing your working practices to suit the way that your software works? Stop it! It's silly. Configure your own activities so that the software works to YOUR workflow and not the poorly thought out workflow of how old software works.

Powerful eCommerce

You've centralised your product catalogue and related images and assets. You've gathered a marketing database and carried out email marketing. Put some prices at the side of your product information and assets and enable your customers to buy your goods. It's a crazy plan but it just might work. We'll take away the worry of integration to ePDQ, Streamline, Pay Pal etc.


Intuitive Analytics

Oh dear! We've done everything right, we've got tons of data and need to analyse it. Don't Panic, plug in AnalyticsDLM and have more charts than you can shake a stick at.

DLM Application Channels
The DLM, in different configurations, forms the basis of several channel solutions, each addressing the problems of a different vertical marketspace.

Content Publishing

Getting your content where it can be seen

Digital Asset Management

Catalogues, PR and Trade Sites

HR and Recruitment

A powerful human resources platform

Electronic Commerce

Payment systems and web stores

Statistical Analytics

Making Sense of the Numbers

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