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MyVector is an innovative start-up designed to addresses the challenges faced by corporate travellers. It was conceived and incorporated by a group of employees and former employees of one of the worlds most global companies, who were familiar with international travel, and the problems it poses. Between them, the team has travelled over seven million miles, on over 5000 commercial fllights.

MyVector aims to bring the community aspects of the Internet that have been popular to young leisure users to a more mature professional audience. MyVector is an easily updateable way to securely let people know where the user is at any time. It also lets them see clearly what that means in global terms - whether it's day or night where the user is, and if (and how) they can be contacted.

eleventeenth was selected by MyVector to offer consultancy and design services, and to architect, develop and host their service offering.

MyVector's Requirement

MyVector wished to provide a flexible networked information system, enabling users to easily publish their whereabouts to colleagues and friends. The requirement was for an easy to use website that would enable users to enter their information, backed up by a permission system to enable users to manage who could see this potentially sensitive data. The application also required a friends system that enabled users to group their friends so that they could apply the permissions in a meaningful and useful manner.


eleventeenth's Solution

MyVector was development from the ground up. Since the management board of MyVector is distributed around the world, eleventeenth took part in several teleconferences before a specification document was created and distributed for collaborative input and approval.


Once requirements were collected they were prioritised, and a baseline agreed for a soft launch in late 2006.


A system was developed that included content management for the website using the Digital Logistics Manager platform. An event and calendar management system was created for users, and integrated with an account management system, with an advanced permissions and 'buddy' system to ensure users' data was shareable on a granular level. The event entry system integrates with global gazetteer data to speed entry and improve data consistency, so that locations can be accurately matched with the geographical locations.


"MyVector created a splash as soon as it launched, and quickly began to attract users through word of mouth. Although its appeal is not easily apparent to users who do not frequently travel internationally, among its target audience, it has achieved immediate success.


MyVector now plans to use their working concept to seek funding to expand and market the service, and to develop a corporate service offering to help companies achieve resource efficiencies, reduce their carbon footprint and manage risk in security alerts or natural disaster situations."


Tarquin Clark, CEO MyVector

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